Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where are my new hockey players?

Several new users this season have asked this question, fearing that they have entered all the hockey player data in vain. But fear not, the entries have been recorded in the database. If a player has not yet recorded any stats by appearing in a game, they will not be displayed in the hockey stats reports. (You can verify a player has been added simply by clicking the Change Players function. Then click the browsers Back button to return to the previous page without making any changes.) The new hockey players will also appear in the Add-Game function. Once they have recorded an appearance in a game, they will show up in the hockey stats reports. Thanks to dbhockey in Ontario for bring up that topic.

If you are not sure how a function works, try it out in the demo. Note: some features are disabled (change password, delete players, change players).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting Started with Puck-Stat

Introduction: Puck-Stat from Sonntag Sports Management is designed to be easy to use and offer the convenience, accessibility, and power of web-based software. By utilizing the power of the web Puck-Stat Online is able to provide all the benefits of the latest technology without the cost and storage requirements of a stand-alone software package. With Puck-Stat Online there is nothing to download. This product was developed and adapted out of use in Canadian amateur hockey. It is designed for use by coaches, managers and stats keepers for minor and amateur hockey and ringette teams.

Stats are kept in Puck-Stat Online in two main categories, Skaters and Goalies. Obviously, A player can accumutale both skaters atats and goal tending stats.

Puck-Stat Online allows you to add or delete as many player’s names as necessary. The initial lists of Skaters and Goalies is empty. Normally you will add a player name for every player who records stats during the season.