Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adding Deleting and Changing Players

To add Players:

choose Add Player from the menu on the right. Type the First name, last Name and Number of the Player and Click Submit the mouse. you want to add a player named "Others" for part-time players who are not expected to be a major contributor to the teams stats. When a player is added, his/her name is added to the list in alphabetical order. Indicate "Yes" if the Player is a Skaters (forward or defense) and/or Goalie. If a player has not yet recorded any stats by appearing in a game, they will not be displayed in the stats list. (You can verify a player has been added simply by clicking the Change Players link. Then click the browsers Back button to return to the previous page without making any changes.)

To delete a Player:

choose Delete Player from the menu on the right. Caution: This function deletes the player, and his/her cumulative stats, from the season totals. You will be prompted to select the Player to delete.

To change or correct a Player name:

choose Change Player from the menu. Edit the player data directly in the form boxes shown and click the "Change" button on the same row. You can only change one player at a time.

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