Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Player Profiles

On Puck-Stat, you can upload player pictures and add player details to a Player Profile. From the main menu, select View Skaters or View Goalies. Then select an individual player from the stats list by clicking on their first name. You will see their player profile page. If you have already uploaded a picture, it will be shown. If not, a hockey player outline will be shown. You can update the picture by using the link Add/Change Player Picture. Just upload the new picture file and it will replace the outline picture, or any picture you have previously uploaded.

You can also change their Profile Description by clicking the link Add/Change Player Profile. Here you can add a description, player bio info, career or season highlights, etc. Enter the description then click the Submit button. for Free Hockey Team Stats

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Features

We have added a new feature on the Add Game page. Now when you enter in some player stats, such as goals, and some players stats, such as goals, the page will automatically add them to the opponent totals fields on the page. This happens on the fly so as you add a value, it will recalculate the opponent totals. We thought this might save you a little bit of data entry and make the system easier to use. You can test it out in the demo on